(28 Mart 1929 - 21 Aralık 2009)


ERGICAN SAYDAM was born in Istanbul. At the age of nine he began learning the piano with his brother, three years later entering the Istanbul Municipal Conservatoire. Awarded the Istanbul Philharmonic Prize in 1949, he graduated from Ferdi Statzer's class at the Conservatoire in 1953, playing Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto. The same year he completed his law studies at Istanbul University. In 1954 he went to the Munich Hochschule für Musik, winning the school's Bad-Gastein Prize in 1956. A student of the pre-eminent Austrian pianist Friedrich Wührer, he graduated in 1959.

Since the age of fourteen he has given more than 2000 concerto, recital and chamber music performances, touring throughout Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Mediterranean countries, Asia, the Far East and Taiwan, Africa, North and South America and the Caribbean. He was the first Turkish pianist to appear in Venezuela, Barbados, Jamaica, St Lucia, Trinidad, Paraguay, Guyana and Surinam. For twenty-five years he was Director of Music at Turkish Radio & Television (TRT). He was appointed Professor of Piano at Istanbul
University State Conservatoire in 1986.

He has done much to promote 20th century Turkish music, in 1981 premiering Cemal Reşit Rey's Piano Concerto with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the composer. He resurrected and recorded Liszt's Grande Marche d'Abdul Medjid-Khan
in 1986. Ergican Saydam was a jury member of the 1975 International Ravel Piano Competition in Paris. His international awards include, in addition to honours
from Paraguay and Peru, the Margrit Ramdohr Prize (Hamburg)and the Simon Bolivar City Prize(Caracas).